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​cake pop & Cakesicle classes


Cupcakes By Gillian

41 Greenlaw Road, Newton Mearns,

Glasgow G77 6SL

07841 658061

​cupcake classes

​​Cupcake decorating class - Beginners - Teachers' thank you cupcakes

Learn the basics of creating stunning and unique cupcake toppers to adorn your cupcakes. I will also share my cupcake recipe and my buttercream recipe. I will provide 6 cupcakes for you to decorate as part of the class. The theme for this beginners cupcake class will be teachers thank you cupcakes.

The cost of the beginners cupcake class is £55 and you will decorate 6 cupcakes to take home.

DATE: Sunday 2 June 2019 10am to 1pm - SPACES AVAILABLE

DATE: Thursday 13 June 2019 7-10pm - SPACES AVAILABLE

Cupcake Bouquet Class

Learn how to create your very own cupcake bouquet in this beginners guide to Cupcake Bouquets class. Learn how to pipe buttercream swirl roses, hydrangea type buttercream flowers, petal piped roses, and learn how to recreate the marshmallow flower. Then put them all together in a cupcake bouquet display. This class will run over 3 hours and we will create a 12 cupcake bouquet. I will also show you how you can personalise the bouquet. Class materials will also include my cupcake recipe and my buttercream recipe.

Cost of the class is £80 and this includes all of the equipment, cupcakes and buttercream you need to create the perfect cupcake bouquet. 

DATE: Sunday 23 June - 10am-1pm

​sugar Modelling classes

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Tel: 07841 658061

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All my classes take place at my home in Newton Mearns. Some photos of the room I use for the classes are shown opposite. It is fabulous space with lots of natural light - a perfect place to escape into the world of cake decorating!

I am delighted to be part of the Cake Dutchess Instructor team. I have learnt so much from the Cake Dutchess' online tutorials since I started my cake journey and Etty's back to basics approach makes modelling cake toppers much easier to follow and replicate for your cake creations at home. Using tutorials developed by The Cake Dutchess I have scheduled the following classes in 2019:

Introduction to Sugar Modelling

This is a course which will run over 3 nights, once a week for three weeks. Each class will be 2.5-3 hours long, starting at 7pm and finishing around 9.30/10pm. The classes will take place in my cake studio in Newton Mearns on the Southside of Glasgow. Beginners are welcome and no prior knowledge of sugar modelling is required.

- Week 1 - learn how to model a teddy bear and cute dog from sugar modelling paste. This lesson will focus on practicing the basic shapes from which all of our models will be based, and I will show you quick and easy ways to embellish the bear and dog to suit whatever cake you are making. We will also cover different kinds of pastes and why a modelling paste is best, and we will look at the basic tools you will need for sugar modelling.

- Week 2 - we will learn how to use polystyrene shapes in our modelling, including covering and decorating a sphere to make a hot air balloon. We will also make a cute animal to add to our balloon. We will display this weeks creation on a covered cake drum, and we will also learn how to make quick clouds to enhance our model.

- Week 3 - we will learn how to make a simple standing figure, including how to support a standing figure and add it securely to your cakes. We will also model the face for the figure from scratch, enabling you to recreate any figure, male or female, for your cakes.

The 3 week course is priced at £150 per person and includes all of the materials you need to make all of the models each week, including Cake Duchess modelling paste, boards, cake dummy and polystyrene shapes. There will be a maximum of 6 students per class. Each session is also available to book individually. Each session is £65 person if booked individually.

Currently scheduled dates for this course are as follows:

Sunday 1 September for 3 weeks (10am-1pm) - SPACES available

 - 1 Sept - basic shapes for modelling, teddy bear and dog

 - 8 Sept - 3D shapes, covering a ball, making hot air balloon with animal 

 - 15 Sept - standing figure; modelling a face

Beginners Cake Pop class

Learn how to make cake pops from scratch, using the already baked cake method. I will show you how to achieve the best consistency of cake dough to ensure the cake pops stay on the sticks! I will also show you how to ensure all your cake balls are of equal size. We will use candy melts to create some simple and easy designs. The class will be hands on with you making the cake pops from scratch.

The cost of the class is £55 per person. All materials for the course are included and you will make 10 cake pops to take away. 


 - Sunday 28 April - 10-1.30pm - FULLY BOOKED

 - Sunday 12 May - 10-1.30pm - FULLY BOOKED

 - Sunday 19 May - 10-1.30pm - SPACES AVAILABLE

Beginners Cakesicle Class

Learn how to make cakesicles using a lolly mould, and learn how to make the filling for the cakesicles using the already baked cake method. I will show you how to use the lolly mould to create the perfect cakesicle. We will then decorate the cakesicles using Cake Duchess modelling paste to create cute animal cakesicles. You will make 4 small and 2 large cakesicles to take home from the class.

The cost of the class is £55 per person. All materials for the course are included.

DATES: Sunday 9th June - 10am-1pm (spaces available)


If you would like to book onto any of the classes, please drop me an email ( or fill in the enquiry form on the 'Contact' section of the website. A 50% deposit is required to secure your place.